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Technical information

Dot notation:
ASN.1 notation: { iso(1) identified-organization(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprise(1) frdlweb(37553) weid(8) }
OID-IRI notation: /ISO/Identified-Organization/6/1/4/1/37553/8
SHA1 namebased UUID: ad86cc09-f86a-52d4-199f-f2cbfcf7121e
MD5 namebased UUID: 10cd47af-3bac-3d20-828e-fde540bc05eb
WEID notation: weid:4


This arc is used for the sub-registration of WEID alphanumeric identifiers as OID/UUID.

Registration Authority: FRDLWEB, T. Wehowski

WEID basics...

  • OID basics...
  • Alphanumeric OID representation
  • "-" is the seperator
  • A WeLuhn Checknumber is added to every WEID
  • The prefix "weid:" directly points to further nodes of the arc (it replaces as prefix): which is thedesignated arc to register any WEID»«OID subsequences for any own purposes out of the responsibillity of FRDLWEB.This feature is in development and any added OIDs maybe will not be activated yet. The registration of WEID Alphanumeric OIDs beneath this arc is managedby Webfan.de in order of FRDLWEB.
  • An UUID Version 5 sha1 namebased from OID namespace 6ba7b812-9dad-11d1-80b4-00c04fd430c8 is generated for each entry.
  • Internally (if some one matters), sub-OIDs are (also) associated by its parents UUID.
  • A collision of UUIDs will prohibit a new entry - we stay tuned... ...and maybe refrain from the UUID system.
  • WEID ordered alphanumerics only allow UPPERCASE characters (I also like to write UUIDs in UPPERCASE).
  • Every entry is associated with an UNIQUE identifier (unique within our system) which can be chosen by the one who registers a WEID.The identifier has to be written in lowercase letters, -bars are allowed, no dots, up to 255 characters are allowed, digits are allowed but not as the first character. The identifier is also used for the ASN1 Notation of the entry. We just allow ONE identifier for ONE UNIQUE node entry for now. The irst Char is now allowed to be upperxase.
  • New registered child OID nodes must be integers between 1 and 9899, the others are "reserved/freaking".
  • See the tree for more information and announcements of changes...

Registration Authority

FRDL/Webfan Registration Authority
E-Mail: till@webfan.de
Till Wehowski
Webfan Homepagesystem

The RA does not want to publish their personal information.

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